On June 17, 2021, QVS hosted our 2nd Annual Supporters’ Briefing. We held our first ever Supporters’ Briefing in summer 2020 to offer Friends an inside look into programmatic and financial shifts due to COVID-19. This year, in addition to a report and recap from the QVS board, we also invited three current QVS Fellows to share about their experience in the program.

Click the video below to watch the recording. Or, scroll down to review the program’s special highlights!

Special Highlights

This year’s Supporters’ Briefing offered us an opportunity to emphasize the numbers that make up our community and impact, and the stories behind those numbers.

We’ve included the slide deck, some recap, Fellow testimonials, and links shared during the event, but for the full experience we hope you will watch the recording above. If you would like to jump to a certain portion of the recording, check out the timestamps to the right of the video. For instance, the three QVS Fellow Testimonials starts at 08:20.

 Video Timestamps

00:00 Opening

02:28 Agenda

03:35 Review of 2020-2021

08:20 Testimonials from three QVS Fellows

25:42 Gratitude for Fellow Testimonials

27:00 The Bigger Picture

27:35 Recruitment Trends

30:13 Growing our Alumni Community

31:45 Impact on Service Site Placements

33:32 Impact on Local Friends

35:40 QVS Financials

41:00 Learnings from the Pandemic

45:03 Visioning

48:44 Q&A

1:06:33 Closing

QVS Young Adult Fellows

Program Cities

Site Placement Partners

Friends Meetings & Church Partners

Briefing Slide Deck

Hover over and click on the left and right edges of the slides below to scroll through the slide deck.

Did You Know?

This year, we partnered with 33 total sites, 14 of which were new partners. Our goal is to provide entry points for young adults to explore a wide range of vocational paths. In doing so, Fellows are able to learn from each other and see the ecosystem of service and justice work that they are a part of.

What else is new this year?

We expanded our team! Carol Anne Ferlauto joined our team as our new Alumni Engagement Coordinator to support Fellows transition out of the program, and to nurture our 200+ strong alumni community!

“Stumbling upon the QVS page I instantly felt the spirit and my soul telling me that this was something I had to do. I looked through all of the site placements and knew before I even had any idea where I would want to live that my site placement that I am at now is where I’m supposed to be… And [QVS] has really shaped me and put me on a trajectory for my future life.”

Christina Dunbar

2020-2021 Portland Fellow, L'Arche

“Living and being in community is like being a part of a living thing… Reflecting on a time of conflict that we had in a house, there was a period where we felt broken beyond repair. Like there was something fundamentally wrong going on. It was this really pervasive feeling that we had once felt such a closeness, or this really unique bond that now was so broken. And in searching within ourselves and within each other, we were able to find a lot of a lot of unconventional ways of healing.”

Katie Hulihan

2020-2021 Philadelphia Fellow, Fleisher Art Memorial

“QVS helped me interrogate, some of the thoughts that I had about resources and sharing within a community. Like asking my community for monetary resources, asking my neighbor for a spatula or asking someone in the [Local] Support Committee for a space to host an event. I think I was really hiding from asking those questions… wanting to be self sufficient. QVS helped me see my community itself as something that’s really abundant and full of resources.”

Tiauna Lewis

2020-2021 Atlanta Fellow, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Links Shared During the Event

In case you missed any of the links we shared in the chat during the briefing, here they are again.

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