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Hilary Burgin (*she/her/hers)

hilary (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Hilary Burgin

Hilary has been with Quaker Voluntary Service since January 2015, seeing three cohorts of Fellows through the QVS program. Hilary’s desire to deepen and grow the work of transformative experiences for young adults energizes her as she steps into the Executive Director role. Hilary sees QVS as an integral component of the Quaker movement the world needs now, and is excited about continuing to build our community of support nationwide.


Hilary grew up in Acton Friends Meeting (MA), participating in the New England Yearly Meeting youth programs from elementary through high school. After graduating Oberlin College in 2010 she moved to Boston. In the years since she has worked on farms, for environmental groups, and for New England Yearly Meeting. Hilary attends Beacon Hill Friends Meeting, lives in Jamaica Plain, and wears a helmet when she bikes around Boston and beyond.

Mike Huber (he/him/his)

mike (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Mike Huber

If Mike ever gains access to a time machine, he will set course for the 17th Century and follow Mary Fisher through the Ottoman Empire. Mike found his spiritual home with the Quakers at the age of 18. This came as a surprise to everyone (himself included). After earning a philosophy degree from Portland State University and a Master of Divinity from Princeton Seminary, Mike helped start West Hills Friends in Portland, OR. After 30 years of pastoral ministry, he’s excited to begin a new chapter of life with QVS. He has a magical daughter and a highly capable wife. His brilliant son died in 2014, which simply broke his heart in two. He believes in fresh donuts, a sense of wonder and the fearless pursuit of love; but the greatest of these is love.

Lee Anne McGaha (she/her/hers)
leeanne (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Lee Anne McGaha

Lee Anne previously worked for QVS in a part time capacity, and is thrilled to rejoin QVS as Director of Operations. In her (long ago) college days, she devoted most of her extracurricular time to service projects, and has always had a volunteer spirit and desire to help make the world a better place. Lee Anne graduated from Trinity University with a degree in Economics and French, and spent the majority of her career at a large management consulting firm where she gained experience in organizational operations improvement. After a brief stint pursuing a graduate degree in cell biology, she ultimately decided to stay home with her young daughter for several years. QVS provided the perfect opportunity to re-enter the workforce and use her talents for good. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her amazing family, decorating cookies, and starting crocheting projects.

Oskar Pierre Castro (he/him/they/them)
oskar (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Oskar Pierre Castro

Oskar Pierre Castro is an artist/analyst/non-violent activist/father & husband with over twenty years of service in the nonprofit sector working on youth development, career development, peace activism, and labor rights. Oskar is a 1992 graduate of Rowan University where he majored in Law & Justice. The human rights part of the Law & Justice curriculum stimulated his belief in the need to work for social justice when it is absent. Oskar’s nonprofit experiences include things like leading a national office program at the American Friends Service Committee and helping talented youth-of-color navigate corporate America with INROADS, Inc. A member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, he is originally from South Jersey. Oskar moved to Philadelphia in 1994, and as a multi-faceted artist there he employs music, poetry, and graphic art to creatively communicate his ideas about the world. Oskar is married to a like minded soul, has two awesome children, the best dog ever, and the cutest maniacal cat in Southwest Philadelphia.

Claire Hannapel (she/her/hers)
claire (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org 


Claire Hannapel


Claire grew up in Durham, North Carolina where she attended Durham Friends Meeting. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2016. At Carolina, she was heavily involved with food justice and advocacy groups and led a campaign for more transparency and inclusive decision-making of institutional food sourcing and food accessibility.

During her first QVS year, Claire worked at the Georgia Law Center for the Homeless where she developed and managed the Identification Advocacy Program, assisting individuals facing homelessness with obtaining their birth certificates. This service helped remove one of many barriers to chronic homelessness, supporting individuals so that they could secure stable housing and employment, as well as apply for additional social assistance programs. Claire found that her work with the Law Center strengthened her advocacy skills and reaffirmed her Quaker values. Yet, witnessing the impacts of systems and institutions that still blatantly and subtly inflict violence upon the lives of people of color and those in poverty, the work was simultaneously complicating her understanding of social policy and legal protection.

This experience has compelled Claire to continuing to seek community in the southeast and engage in meaningful work to build structural change and inclusive policy that reaches those forced to the margins.

Claire is looking forward to serving as an Alumni Fellow at Quaker Voluntary Service itself, as Outreach and Development Coordinator.

Zenaida Peterson (they/them/theirs)
zenaida (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Zenaida Peterson


Zenaida Peterson is a recent alumnae fellow from the Quaker Voluntary Service program in the Boston house. They are a Black queer slam poet from Atlanta who graduated from Simmons College where they began social justice community organizing in and out of the classroom. While staying connected with their QVS site placement, VISIONS Inc., an anti oppression consulting company, Zenaida is pumped to recruit for QVS hoping to get perspective fellows excited for a year of both community and personal growth while in service.

Kristina Keefe-Perry (she/her/hers)
kristina (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Kristina Keefe-Perry

Kristina Keefe-Perry is the mother of a third grader, a spouse, an avid bicyclist and hiker, and a member of Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting. She grew up in Northern California where she co-coordinated the Service Learning program at Humboldt State and worked at the Academy for College Excellence.  Kristina came to Friends in Pacific Yearly Meeting, has served as clerk of her monthly meeting, as co-clerk of the Teen program for College Park Quarter, on the FGC Traveling Ministries Program, and as a teacher of Quakerism at Pendle Hill. With her spouse, Callid, she is the co-creator of Jewels of Quakerism and has facilitated Bible studies, offered public ministry, and led retreats throughout the US and Canada. She served as staff of the Young Adult Leadership Development (YALD) program in 2009. Kristina was a member of the founding steering committee and Board of QVS. A graduate of Boston University School of Theology, Kristina carries a minute of release from Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting in support of a leading for the nurture and growth of accessible, teaching, open and affirming, Christian, Quaker experiences of worship and connection. She is currently being called to a multi-year vision establishing an innovative Friends church in the Boston area.  She also works for The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts (TABCOM) coordinating the Creation Care Ministries Program, using her skills in preaching, teaching, and networking to ground faithful engagement in environmental-justice and food-justice work.

Eli Phillips (he/him/his)

eli (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Eli Phillips

Minneapolis Coordinator
Eli is a recent alumnus of QVS as a Fellow in the Minneapolis house. He is incredibly excited to deepen his work with QVS and the Twin Cities Friends community as the Local Coordinator. Eli came into Quakerism at age 11 as a camper at Opequon Quaker Camp, where he later returned as a counselor, staff member, and cook. Eli’s time at camp would lead him to Guilford College, a Quaker school, from which he has degrees in Music and East Asian Studies.

Eli is incredibly passionate about music and is a producer, collaborator, listener, and multi-instrumentalist. Eli is interested in further exploring the intersection of music and community and is hoping to co-create some kind of artist collective in the near future. Eli also loves to bike, climb, hike, cook, eat, and laugh. 

Rachel Logan-Wood (she/her/her)

rachel (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Rachel Logan-Wood

Rachel Logan-Wood (or Woody and she likes to go by) grew up attending Community Friends Meeting in Cincinnati, OH. In her most formative, awkward teen years, she always felt like she fit in on the Quaker youth service trips through Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting. These volunteer trips were the first she was exposed to the intersection of Quaker spirituality and service. Woody then attended Earlham College, a Quaker College in Richmond, IN, and majored in Environmental Policy with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. It was there and through the Quaker Fellows Scholarship Program at Earlham she began identifying as a non-theist Friend, rooting her Quakerism in the SPICES testimonies and living through them in her daily life. After college, she deepened her understanding of spirit-led service work as a QVS Fellow for the Portland 2017-2018 year and is now so excited to join the QVS staff to continue her work with QVS!

Rachael Carter (they/them/she/her)

rachael (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org

Rachael Carter

Rachael Carter is a recent alumnae of QVS as a Fellow in the Atlanta house which was her primary introduction to Quaker practice. She is honored to be able to deepen her work with QVS and the Atlanta community as the Local Coordinator while continuing to stay connected with The Partnership for Southern Equity which is a racial equity organization in Atlanta.

Rachael came into interfaith work in her years in undergrad at Ursinus College studying Politics, Peace and Social Justice, International Relations and Africana, African American Studies.  Since then, Rachael has spent time researching ecotheology in the Black community and learning to understand its connections to other faith and spiritual practices.

Rachael is passionate about plants and the natural world, cooking as a healing practice and understanding various systems. She is interested in further exploring the intersection of religion, food, and employment and is hoping to continue this exploration with further study. She also enjoys biking, taking care of her many plants and listening to podcasts.

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