Community. Service. Transformation.

Quaker Voluntary Service is an experiment at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism, a year-long Fellowship program for young adults.

Deploying to the Oregon Bootleg Fire

Adrian Nelson served at L’Arche Atlanta during the 2015-2016 QVS year. Five summers later, Adrian was deployed with a medical team to the Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon. Check out the following QVS Alumni Spotlight to learn about Adrian’s vocational path and the...

Collective Effervescence at National Orientation

National Orientation is the only time in the fellowship year when all QVS Fellows and staff participate in a single event. Our time together embodies many of the aspirations we have for the rest of the program year: We build relationships through vulnerability, “try...

Announcing the 2021-2022 Fellow Cohort

We're so excited to introduce you to the 2021-2022 QVS Fellows! We have over 30 young adults eager to begin their year with QVS. Here are just a few highlights from our incoming Fellow cohort!   Colin Battis was involved with his Unitarian Universalist...

“QVS made me such a better teacher.”

Abby Brown served at Germantown Friends School (GFS) for her 2014-2015 QVS year in Philadelphia, and has continued working in education ever since.  “QVS was asking us every week to be incredibly self-reflective, and in tune with our work and ourselves... [Topics] we...

The Role of a City Coordinator

Learn how City Coordinators accompany Fellows during QVS in an interview with Eli Phillips, QVS’ outgoing Minneapolis Coordinator.

“I feel really thankful to be in this community that is supporting my social justice work and spiritual growth.”

Zenaida Peterson

QVS Alum, 2016-2017

“The young people I work with are valued treasures. They inspire me to stay idealistic in my endeavors toward social justice and they embolden my commitment to Quaker values.”

Oskar Pierre Castro

Former Philadelphia Coordinator

“I am also glad, very glad to see such deeper reaching and very promising renewal projects such as… Quaker Voluntary Service, which is attracting and cultivating a new generation of Quaker leaders.”

Parker J. Palmer

Plenary at FGC Gathering 2015

“QVS provided an experience where my [Quaker] faith and spirituality became intertwined with my home life and work life, namely in my relationships and practices.”

Giovanna Selvaggio

QVS Alum, 2013-2014

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