Community. Service. Transformation.

Quaker Voluntary Service is an experiment at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism, a year-long Fellowship program for young adults.

Hilary is taking a Sabbatical

QVS Executive Director Hilary Burgin shares with us about taking a summer off after nine and half years of service.We have news: I’m taking a sabbatical this summer! I will be away from Quaker Voluntary Service work May 17 to August 19. I’m excited to know I’ll be...

Southeastern Yearly Meeting Walton Presenter

QVS Executive Director Hilary Burgin shares with us about being invited to present Walton Lecture at South Eastern Yearly Meeting.A year ago, in the summer of 2023, Friends from Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM, which includes Florida, coastal Georgia and South...

Planting Seeds of Peace

Photo caption: Boston Fellows, Naren and Karla, at a pro-Palestine march in February 2024.QVS Recruiting and Marketing Coordinator Director Ruth Cutcher shares with us about a workshop she hosted.I am a gardener because I love planting seeds.  For many years, I had a...

Epistle on Palestine

Photo: Lit tea candles on a Keffiyeh that creates a shrine.  ​ Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) is founded upon the values of peace and community-building. We believe there is a Divine Light in every person. Because of our values and beliefs, it has been...

Meet the Alumni Council!

Photo from left to right starting with the back row: Jackie Lamars, Woody (Rachel Logan-Wood), Miche McCall, MaryGrace Menner  Front row: Jillian Eller, Madison Rose, KellyAnn Cameron, Krista Snyder   The Alumni Council is a group of QVS alumni who meet with the...

“I feel really thankful to be in this community that is supporting my social justice work and spiritual growth.”

Zenaida Peterson

QVS Alum, 2016-2017

“The young people I work with are valued treasures. They inspire me to stay idealistic in my endeavors toward social justice and they embolden my commitment to Quaker values.”

Oskar Pierre Castro

Former Philadelphia Coordinator

“I am also glad, very glad to see such deeper reaching and very promising renewal projects such as… Quaker Voluntary Service, which is attracting and cultivating a new generation of Quaker leaders.”

Parker J. Palmer

Plenary at FGC Gathering 2015

“QVS provided an experience where my [Quaker] faith and spirituality became intertwined with my home life and work life, namely in my relationships and practices.”

Giovanna Selvaggio

QVS Alum, 2013-2014


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