Community. Service. Transformation.

Quaker Voluntary Service is an experiment at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism, a year-long Fellowship program for young adults.

Our Work

We partner with community based non-profit organizations in our service cities which cover a wide range of social and environmental issues. Our Fellows increase the capacity of organizations to do work they might not otherwise be able to do. Learn more about the work here.

Our Community

We partner with Quaker meetings / churches and are supported by local Friends in Atlanta, Boston, Twin Cities, Philadelphia, and Portland, OR. QVS Fellows live in intentional community, sharing day to day life and supporting each other throughout the year. Fellows receive support from QVS staff and spiritual nurturers.

Our History

We are part of a long history and tradition of Quaker service, and we see ourselves as a contemporary expression of that much older stream. After many years of consultation and discernment, the first QVS house opened in Atlanta in 2012 and we have been growing ever since.

Join Us

We invite young adults to apply to become a QVS Fellow. An ideal applicant brings an openness to working with diverse community members, a willingness to explore questions of faith and spirituality, and an ability to function well in a professional setting. Application Deadline is March 15th.

A Ministry on Racial and Gender Justice

Eppchez served as a QVS Fellow in 2014-2015, and has remained in Philly since to follow leadings as an artist and organizer.

Equity as an Ongoing Process

This is part of a series of blog posts from Zenaida Peterson, QVS Director of Equity and Empowerment, in which they talk more explicitly about QVS’ equity work. In Essays on the Quaker Vision of Gospel Order, Lloyd Lee Wilson’s talks about the importance of...

QVS Came at a Perfect Time for Me

Kateri Boucher served at Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts during her 2017-2018 QVS year in Boston. In describing the impact of QVS on her life, Kateri shared, “QVS came at a perfect time for me. I was craving some kind of spiritual community but not sure I wanted to...

Recognizing the Role of Local Friends

For QVS to be successful, we need the support of local Friends. But what does that entail? From QVS’ inception we knew that a fundamental piece of our model would include partnering with local Quakers. We knew we couldn’t build a program alone, so we enlisted the...

Continued Studies After QVS

In December 2020, Walid graduated Earlham School of Religion with his MA in Religion after completing his thesis titled Indigeneity, Nationalism, and Palestinian Christian Liberation Theology: A Critique of Zionist Theologies. Although Walid completed his time...
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Link to Boston QVS

“I feel really thankful to be in this community that is supporting my social justice work and spiritual growth.”

Zenaida Peterson

QVS Alum, 2016-2017

“The young people I work with this year in the QVS program are valued treasures. They inspire me to stay idealistic in my endeavors toward social justice and they embolden my committment to Quaker values. As I reflect on the political moment at hand with strong emotions about the future for women… I am thankful for the Light they bring.”

Oskar Pierre Castro

Former Philadelphia Coordinator

“I am also glad, very glad to see such deeper reaching and very promising renewal projects such as… Quaker Voluntary Service, which is attracting and cultivating a new generation of Quaker leaders.”

Parker J. Palmer

Plenary at FGC Gathering 2015

“QVS provided an experience where my [Quaker] faith and spirituality became intertwined with my home life and work life, namely in my relationships and practices.”

Giovanna Selvaggio

QVS Alum, 2013-2014


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