Quaker Voluntary Service opened a QVS house in Portland, Oregon in August 2013. We are thrilled to welcome Fellows to Portland every year!

Sponsoring Quaker Meetings/Churches:

QVS Portland is jointly sponsored by West Hills Friends Church, Reedwood Friends Church, Multnomah Monthly Meeting, and Bridge City Friends Meeting.

There are many ways for Friends to get involved and provide ongoing support for the QVS Portland program. Want to get involved with the local QVS program? Reach out to Rachel, our Portland Coordinator.


Rachel Logan-Wood (she/her)

Rachel Logan-Wood (she/her)

Portland Coordinator

2021-2022 Portland Site Placements (click on any logo for more information)

Brown Hope

Brown Hope is a community solution for racial justice, creating connection with Black, Brown, and Indigenous leaders through the heart, mind, and voice to inspire our collective healing. Founded in 2018, Brown Hope champions a radical vision of how direct services and mutual aid can become a platform for social mobilization, creating platforms for healing, economic empowerment, and transformative leadership rooted in self-determination.

We organize for the Heart, creating spaces that elevate the common threads of humanity shared between historically oppressed people. We organize for the Mind, a thought laboratory and spiritual gym, facilitating people-powered opportunities for anti-oppression learning. We organize for the Voice, providing a beautiful alternative to mainstream messages of despair by leveraging profound and diverse cultural experiences.

As a non-profit incubator, Brown Hope initiatives evolve to meet the critical needs of our community. Our current programs include:

  • Power Hour, an intentional space for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to connect, build power, and heal from the impacts of racism.
  • Blackstreet Bakery, a vegan pop-up bakery honoring North and Northeast Portland as a historic home for Black Portlanders by creating economic opportunities for Black people in plant-based baking.
  • The Black Resilience Fund, an emergency fund dedicated to healing and resilience by providing immediate resources to Black Portlanders.
  • Equity & Beyond, a multi-week, dynamic learning experience that leverages a cohort model to address racial inequality. Through popular education, interdisciplinary activities, and collaborative strategy, we help participants challenge themselves and build power for justice.


Fellow Position: Program Evaluation and Assistant Fellow

The Program Evaluation and Assistant Fellow will be an ambassador who will work to support, grow, and build on our current programs through evaluation. They will ensure our programs are tailored to the specific needs of our communities to further Brown Hope’s ability to make justice a lived experience for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in Oregon. Candidates should live in the community, have a passion for community building and nonprofit service, public speaking skills, the ability to attend teleconference meetings, and also to travel within the community as needed.

New Avenues for Youth

New Avenues for Youth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of youth homelessness. Since 1997, our programs and services have impacted more than 20,000 young people as they work to overcome barriers, pursue their goals, and realize their potential. From supporting basic needs like meals and counseling to providing opportunities for education, job training, employment, and housing, we meet youth where they are—and help them get where they want to go.

Our mission is to work in partnership with our community to prevent youth homelessness and provide young people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness the resources and skills needed to lead healthy, productive lives.

SNAP Benefits and Administrative Specialist
The SNAP Benefits and Administrative Specialist will work with New Avenues PAVE job training program supporting homeless and at-risk youth ages 17-24 who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. They will connect youth to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and applicable resources, and will work with the Administration Team to support critical back office functions. The position performs weekly data entry, direct youth support, and SNAP program enrollment assistance. As a part of the PAVE team, the SNAP Benefits Specialist will help maintain a structured, supportive and safe milieu in the PAVE Career Lab and Drop-In spaces, and will collaborate with staff across New Avenues in order to create a model that provides effective, comprehensive services for program youth.

A well-qualified candidate has the ability to swiftly build trust and rapport with youth. They also possess a strong desire to foster equitable food access, work with diverse staff and youth, problem solve, and they excel in a multi-cultural environment. Group facilitation and relationship-building skills are key to a successful QVS experience.

The Fellow will join a well-structured team environment that values youth voice, equitable program access, and the adaptability needed to sustain a dynamic job training problem for young people. They will also join an agency with more than two decades of experience providing services through multiple systems of care— housing, case management, meals, drug and alcohol recovery and mental-health supports, education, job training, culturally specific LGBTQIA+ youth supports, and more annually to 1,600+ individuals experiencing homelessness and housing instability.

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility was founded in 1981 by a group of local physicians and scientists who advocated against nuclear weapons and for the cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. We are the local affiliate of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War which was awarded the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize. Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, Oregon PSR seeks a healthy, just and peaceful world for present and future generations by protecting human life from the gravest threats to health and survival.

Specific programs include advocating for a healthy climate and environment, ending nuclear power, and promoting peaceful alternatives to militarism, nuclear weapons, and gun violence. In addition to bringing the health perspective to issues of social responsibility, we intentionally prioritize the voices and needs of communities of color. We work to incorporate racial and immigrant justice into our environmental, anti-nuclear, and peacebuilding work.

Program Assistant:
The QVS Fellow will assist with outreach and program responsibilities for our various programs. This will include: Staffing outreach table at community events related to climate change, peace, and other social justice issues; Overseeing volunteers and coordinating outreach for our annual peace writing scholarship for Oregon high school students; Assisting with outreach for our annual Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemoration; Assisting with social media and news media outreach; Outreach to health professional, student, and other organizations; Assisting with organizational fundraisers, events, and other activities; Representing Oregon PSR at meetings with partner organizations and coalitions, including continuing and developing relationships with environmental justice, immigrant justice, and equity groups. Other details of the job description will be tailored to meet the skills and interests of the volunteer. The volunteer will work with Oregonians of all walks of life (Portland community members, health professionals, Columbia Gorge tribes, and activists on diverse issues, to name just a few) and a wide age range (from high school students to the elderly).
Outside In

Outside In‘s mission is to assist homeless youth and other low-income and marginalized people move toward improved health and self-sufficiency. Outside In, established in 1968, has continually revised services to respond to changing client needs. We operate a Federally Qualified Health Center and are state-certified for both mental health treatment and alcohol and drug treatment services. Current programs include a Clinic and Homeless Youth Department. The Clinic is a cutting-edge blend of western and alternative medicine. It is a teaching site for Oregon Health Sciences University, and provides western medicine, naturopathic, acupuncture, Chinese herbal, chiropractic, and dental care. The Clinic provides healthcare five days per week and 28,000 visits annually. The Youth Department serves about 800 homeless youth annually. A Day Program provides safety off the streets and basic needs resources, including 3 meals per day, 6 days per week. It also offers other wraparound supports including case management, QueerZone supports for LGBTQ youth, mental health treatment, alcohol and drug treatment, 30 units of on-site housing, 50 units of housing in the community, our “Urban Ed” Alternative School, an employment center, and the Virginia Woof Dog Daycare/Job Training Center. This past year, 7 youth obtained their GED, 32 enrolled in college, 126 were employed, and 124 youth were supported in our housing options. 92% of youth graduating from Transitional Housing did not return to the streets.

There will be two possible Fellow positions for a placement with Inside In:

Fellow Position: Youth Engagement Specialist

The goal of this position is to support homeless youth in transitioning from street life to self-sufficiency. The Youth Engagement Specialist builds positive relationships with youth through role modeling and mentoring; checks youth in the Day Program and ensure they are following COVID protocols upon arrival; assists with providing youth access to showers, laundry, toiletry supplies, phone charging, clothing or other available resources; involves and empowers youth participants in generating community, meeting community norms, and sense of ownership within programs and the community. Additionally, the Specialist will assure material and operational support of the Day Services Program. This can include assisting with maintaining cleanliness of program areas and assisting with food program support as needed, consistent with COVID risk mitigation practices. Knowledge of the impact homelessness has on the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities; knowledge of homeless resources; and knowledge and understanding of adolescent development, Trauma Informed Care, and harm reduction will be supportive in this role.

Fellow Position: Food Pantry and Community Engagement Specialist

The Food Pantry and Community Engagement Specialist will lead the operation of our weekly food pantry and work to build relationships with community members to increase the number of patients accessing the OI East Clinic. There will also be the opportunity to cross-train and support other clinic processes as desired. Food pantry responsibilities include:

  • Serve as primary site contact and liaison with rest of agency for the East Clinic food pantry.
  • Coordinate food donations and orders.
  • Receive deliveries, stock food pantry, and redistribute items to other sites as needed.
  • Staff food pantry, navigate patient flow and check in, onboard and direct volunteers.

Community engagement responsibilities:

  • Staff outreach events at community partner agencies, register and schedule new patient appointments.
  • Perform targeted outreach
  • Establish partnerships and conduct outreach to local schools to promote pediatric and child health services available at East clinic.
  • Coordinates with Clinic Manager to identify upcoming resource needs within the community, in response to partner meetings, and community and urban planning updates.
War Prevention Initiative

War Prevention Initiative's mission is to transform the global peace and security paradigm to one that is built around viable alternatives to war and all forms of political violence. To achieve this they research, advocate for and advance knowledge on practices that demonstrate the effectiveness of nonviolence and challenge militarism.

Ray Jubitz Peace Fellow

The War Prevention Initiative (WPI) and the Peace Science Digest (PSD) seeks a fellow to help deepen meaningful communication with our core audiences by co-developing and supporting our strategic communications plan. Our communications approach includes strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, social media engagement (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), direct communication (email newsletters, invited speakers, etc), written materials, and events (virtual and in-person). Our fellow will help manage our social media accounts, create engaging visual and written material to share through our established pathways, and help us establish a new approach to reader engagement with the PSD. Our work primarily targets other non-profit organizations, government officials and government agencies, and activist and/or lobbying groups. We’re looking for candidates with strong written, oral, and visual communication skills; communications and social media engagement experience, highly organized, comfortable with independent work in a collaborative team setting, and responsive to feedback.

Portland Fellows (click on any picture for more information)

Fletcher York

Fletcher York (he/him) was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a recent first-generation college graduate with a BA in Peace in Global Studies & Politics from Earlham College. During his time at Earlham he was a Bonner and McNair Scholar. He credits both of these programs to his success in being able to graduate. Fletcher completed nearly 1,800 hours of service work between Girls Inc of Wayne County and his role as a senior intern with the Bonner Scholars Program. Additionally, he published his McNair research on educational challenges within de-industrialized cities. These experiences came together to lead Fletcher towards his life's passion of bridging the equity gap for low-income students, particularly in public schools.

Although Earlham was his first experience with Quakerism, Fletcher has appreciated getting to know more about the Quaker community. He got to know more about Quaker values when he attended an FCNL conference in 2019 and through his current work at Richmond Friends School. Those values of peace, equality, and community have deeply informed his work at home and abroad. They were foremost in his mind when he formed book groups for Bonner scholars to discuss trans embodiment in the prison industrial complex and the need for prison abolition. These values also informed his work creating job and interview skill courses for people with a refugee or asylum seeker status at Pytheas' Path while studying abroad in Athens, Greece. Fletcher is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with QVS and Outside In over the coming year.

Colin Clements

Colin Clements (he/him & they/them) grew up in Ossining, NY before moving to Scotland in 2016 to study for an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology at the University of St. Andrews. During their time in St. Andrews, they developed a passion for small-scale food production and its expanded accessibility at affordable rates, and they helped run a student-operated food co-op that worked with local farmers to provide town residents with high quality produce. After graduating in 2020, they relocated to Portland, OR, where they began working in a local factory as a grain miller.

While living in Scotland, they became interested in Zen Buddhism, on both a personal and academic basis. This interest would culminate, during their final year at university, in an interfaith leadership position in the student community as well as an anthropology dissertation based on a summer residency at a Soto-affiliated Zen monastery in Uithuizen, Netherlands. They would also help found and serve as moderator for a weekly scriptural discussion group attended by students of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths. Since discovering QVS, they have become very eager to learn more about and engage with the Quaker community.

At the age of 12, they began studying Spanish, which they have continued to pursue both in and out of the classroom. In this capacity, they are excited to work in the coming year as a resource specialist with Outside In.

Erica Belfi

Erica Belfi (she/her) is from a rural area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Haverford College near Philadelphia, PA with a major in Political Science, minor in Health Studies, and concentration in Peace, Justice, & Human Rights. She began to explore Quakerism at Haverford College and lived for two years in Haverford’s Quaker House, a student-run communal living and organizing group on campus. During her time at Haverford, Erica also worked as a student associate at the Center for Peace & Global Citizenship, at the college’s library, and as a co-head to the Quaker Bouncers. She is especially passionate about issues related to health — human and environmental — and invested energy in disability affinity and advocacy groups on campus as well as in the AIDS Service Network.

In her spare time, Erica loves to run, read, cook with friends, and play music on her flute and cello. In the future, she plans on pursuing a career in human rights law and public health. Erica will be serving as a Ray Jubitz Peace Fellow with the War Prevention Initiative, an organization that focuses on demilitarization and peace building in conflict.

Jackie Lamars

Jackie Lamars (she/they) is a native of Pittsburgh, PA who has spent the past three years living and learning in Birmingham, AL. While studying at Birmingham-Southern College, Jackie participated in a wide array of justice work as the Executive Director of the Cross Cultural Committee, a diversity and inclusion programming board, and as the Vice President of Planned Parenthood Generation Action. As a Race and Gender Studies major, they conducted primary document research on lynching with the Jefferson County Memorial Project and also presented their independent research on prison films at the Southern Sociological Society Conference in 2021. Throughout college, their studies were supplemented by enriching internships with the Pittsburgh Refugee Youth Support and Education Academy (2019) and Susquehanna Legal Education for Adults and Youth (2020).

Since graduation, Jackie has taken a step back from planning too heavily for the future, and they hope that stepping into a more intentional, more spiritual community will help them to envision a beautiful life that relies on being present, rather than always rushing towards the next great adventure, task, or project. To recharge, Jackie devotes ample time to writing and singing little songs, playing Just Dance, crafting punchlines, and walking around with a pep in their step. Jackie is thrilled to begin exploring new ways of life with the QVS community and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility!

Nicolle Marie Mauldin

Nicolle Marie Mauldin (she/her) is a recent graduate of Wellesley College where she majored in Women's and Gender Studies and Religion. During her coursework at Wellesley, she researched the movement to build a future without prisons, which she explored outside the classroom by volunteering with local incarcerated women and with Disability Rights DC, and by working as a racial justice intern for the ACLU of Massachusetts. 

She is a native of North Florida, and likes to tell folks that moving to the Northeast was like studying abroad. At home, in the swamps, she loves going hiking with her mom, walking her deaf French Bulldog, and meandering with her friends underneath Spanish Moss-ladden oak trees. She is excited to work this year as the SNAP Benefit Specialist at New Avenues for Youth.

Sara Laine

Sara Laine (she/her) is a recent graduate of Swarthmore College where she completed a double major in Peace and Conflict Studies and Global Political Economy. During her time at Swarthmore, she was a member of the Swarthmore African Students Association (SASA), served as a research intern with the Black Cultural Center as well as a libraries intern with McCabe Library, and completed an archival internship with the Friends Historical Library, where she assisted with digitization of materials for the In Her Own Right project. This upcoming year with QVS, Sara is excited to build community with her colleagues, explore Quakerism and learn more about non-profits through her work with Brown Hope.

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