Click the video below to learn from three Friends and QVS Alumni sharing about why they feel led to support the transformative work of QVS.

Below are a few excerpts from the video:

Why do you support QVS?

“[QVS] affords young people an opportunity at a very critical time in their lives. It’s amazing to have a vehicle like Quaker Voluntary Service where young people can try out significant work… and be exposed to the support of staff who are well grounded in Quakerism, and then have the chance to use the resources of Quaker practice.”

JoAnn Seaver

Philadelphia Local Support Committee Member

“I’ve never been in a space where I was with other young people focused on spirituality, and it just felt so radical in so many ways. We weren’t roommates, we were people who moved in with each other and said, I’m committed to your transformation for this year, I’m committed to you deepening your spirituality, I’m committed to your wellness, and I don’t know your middle name!'”

Zenaida Peterson

QVS Boston 2016-2017

“I think it’s important to support the work of Quaker Voluntary Service because we live in a very busy and distracted world. There aren’t enough opportunities for young adults to step out of the roaring stream that pushes them towards what success looks like.”
Kristina Keefe-Perry

Founding Board Member & Boston City Coordinator

“Over 40% of the program is supported by the placement organizations who pay a fee to have a [QVS] Fellow working in their organization for a year. And from a donor standpoint, basically each dollar I put in is almost exactly matched. So it’s an incredibly efficient and effective way to leverage your donation.”

John Helding

Founding QVS Board Clerk

Claire Hannapel

Claire Hannapel

We’re so grateful for the many ways individuals are inspired to invest in QVS. For more information about giving or to get connected to one of our program cities, contact Claire, our Development Coordinator.
[email protected].

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