On July 12, 2022, QVS hosted our 3rd Annual Supporters’ Briefing. We held our first ever Supporters’ Briefing in summer 2020 to offer Friends an inside look into programmatic and financial shifts due to COVID-19. This year, in addition to stories from QVS staff and board, we also invited Julia Riseman, our strategic planning consultant, to share key takeaways from the strategic planning work so far.

Click the video below to watch the recording. Or, scroll down to review the program’s special highlights!

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Special Highlights

This year’s Supporters’ Briefing offered us an opportunity to zoom in on QVS’ strategic planning work. Julia Riseman shared key takeaways from the Future Visioning survey that over 100 community members completed in May. She then contextualized these takeaways with research on generational trends and economic and environmental analysis, which begins to suggest why we are experiencing a dip in enrollment right now.

We’ve included the slide deck, some recap, reflections from participants, and links shared during the event, but for the full experience we hope you will watch the recording above. 

 Video Timestamps

01:09 Opening

02:19 Agenda & Event Objectives

05:22 Orientation to this moment

11:47 Stories from the last year

12:11 National Orientation: The joy of togetherness while slowing down and centering spaciousness [Hilary]

17:17 Contextualizing Young Adulthood Today: “Inheriting a world that is moving towards environmental catastrophe” [Mike]

21:05 An Intergenerational QVS Board deciding to Sabbath the Atlanta Program [Damon]

30:39 Strategic Planning: Trends & Findings

48:18 Next Steps

52:06 Open Q&A

Briefing Slide Deck

Hover over and click on the left and right edges of the slides below to scroll through the slide deck.

Did You Know?

This year we made the challenging, yet necessary, decision to Sabbath the Atlanta QVS Program.

Read more about this decision on our blog here, or watch the recording above at 21:05 to hear Damon’s re-telling from the perspective of the QVS Board. 



How does this era and the pandemic shape what we can do and on what timeline?

QVS is wrapping up year 10 of hosting young adult Fellows, and truly entering into our next decade of work. We are recruiting a new generation of young adults (Gen Z) and thus we are tasked with a different set of questions.

During the event, Julia Riseman offered helpful context about Gen Z. She explained the political life events that shape this particular generation’s world view and the sociopolitical trends that impact their decision-making. She summarized that:

    • COVID-19 impacted this generation in a particularly profound life-stage. The pandemic created high levels of physical isolation, furthering young adults’ reliance on and creativity in using digital spaces for socializing and education. 
    • Given that Gen Z grew up during the Great Recession and have experienced a rising cost of living and education (e.g. student loan debt) in their teenage years, research shows in comparison to other generations, Gen Z may be less willing and able to take risk or try something different. This generation is also forced to think about employment in a different way than past generations.
    • This generation holds a pervasive fear for the future of the planet and the country, with an extreme range of responses such as a pull to either direct or immediate action to challenge authority and the status quo (think organizing a strike or protesting) to at the other end a deep despair, feeling of powerlessness, and inaction.

      If QVS’ mission is centered on young adults, then we are mandated to deeply appreciate and understand the lives of the current young generation. Our continued commitment to a strategic planning process will allow the QVS board and staff to set a course based on a deeper understanding of the identity we’ve developed over the last decade, the culture of young adults that has changed in that time, and the changes that will arrive in the coming years.

      I really appreciated the program this evening. Thanks for extending the invitation. It has helped me process my experience as a spiritual nurturer for one of our fellows this year. It is also making me see my grandsons through a new lense.

      Local Friend

      who served as a Spiritual Nurturer this year

      “It was not a feel-good feeling …to lay down the program for a little while in the place that we started this experiment, but . . we have always seen ourselves, and the ministry that we’re doing, as extremely experimental — trying new things… [and] trusting each other to really discern this experience together.”
      Damon Motz-Storey

      QVS Board Clerk

      “Thanks for the evening of insight and warmth. I am full of respect and joy for the many hands, expertise and hearts rowing down the same river.”

      Local Friend

      who serves on the Local Support Committee (LSC)

      Links Shared During the Event

      In case you missed any of the links we shared in the chat during the briefing, here they are again.

      Balcony Time

      Balcony Time

      QVS Executive Director Hilary Burgin shares with us about a grant she's been awarded.Grant awarded for taking time on the “balcony” I’m thrilled to say that I was awarded a Reflective Leadership Grant, enabling me to take time to step back and take a bird’s eye view...

      Welcoming the 2023 – 2024 QVS Fellows

      Welcoming the 2023 – 2024 QVS Fellows

      Photo: The incoming QVS Fellows (from left to right): Nicole, Salem, Emma, Roy, Imani, Karla, Sonam, Shay, Kat, Tas and Naren _____________________ We’re so excited to introduce you to the 2023-2024 QVS Fellows! We have over 11 young adults eager to begin their year...

      Can you help QVS faithfully explore program shifts?

      Can you help QVS faithfully explore program shifts?

      Photo: QVS alumna Claire Hannapel, Portland and Alumni Coordinator Rachel Logan-Wood, Executive Director Hilary Burgin, and long time QVS supporter John Helding at FGC The Gathering in July 2023. Dear Friends, We're writing to you as we finish the current program and...

      Additional Useful Links

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