On January 24, 2024 Quaker Voluntary Service held a special Supporters’ Briefing. While we usually hold this event annually in June, we felt it was important to hold an event sooner to share with supporters the program shifts recently approved by the Board of Directors.

While we don’t yet have all of the details mapped out to implement the changes that have been approved by the board, it is important to us that our community of supporters come along with us as we experiment and adapt to the cultural and economic shifts we’ve seen since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Special Highlights

During this Supporters’ Briefing, we shared the six program shifts approved by the Board of Directors in November. We originally announced these decisions through blog posts, which you can find here, as well as sharing in our newsletter (click here to subscribe!).

Hilary Burgin (she/her; Executive Director), Damon Motz-Storey (they/them; Board Member), and Kate Monahan (she/her; Board Treasurer) shared more details on what went into discerning the experiments QVS plans to implement.

We also had the opportunity to hear updates from staff members Ruth Cutcher (she/her; Recruitment Coordinator), Caitlin Churchill (she/her; Communications Consultant), and Rachel Logan Wood (she/her; Alumni Coordinator), all of whom have been working on new projects to support Fellow recruitment and Alumni engagement efforts. 

We hope you will watch the full recording, but if you would like to jump to a specific section of the event, we provided timestamps below. Thank you for supporting the work we do at Quaker Voluntary Service!

Briefing Slide Deck

Hover over and click on the left and right edges of the slides below to scroll through the slide deck.

We are so grateful for everyone who could join us for the event and cherish the engagement from attenders. For those who were unable to attend, we hope you will watch the recording below.

We welcome your feedback on the event, which we invite you to share through this survey.

If you have additional questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, feel free to email them to [email protected] and we will be in touch.

 Video Timestamps

00:00:00 – Opening 

00:01:25 – Agenda Overview

00:02:25 – Introductions 

00:05:22 – Fellow Testimonials 

00:16:47 – Q & A

00:21:50 – Part 1: Experiments 

00:22:03 – Context and Cultural Trends 

Links shared in chat: 

1970 vs. 2020 How Working Through College Has Changed

00:25:48 – Recent Experiments: Recruitment, Communications, Alumni Engagement

Links shared in chat: 

Madison Rose on Living in Intentional Community

00:36:08 – Q & A 

00:46:09 – Young Adult Survey 

Links shared in chat: 

Read the blog about the young adult survey

00:51:55 – Part 2: Board Discernment 

00:53:16 – Fundraising Successes and Financial Responsibility 

00:56:04 – Ways to Support QVS 

Links shared in chat: 

Request QVS Staff to Visit your local Meeting or Church 

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Email Haley Castle-Miller, Development and Outreach Coordinator

00:58:02 – Program Shifts 

00:59:36 – Shorter Program Year

Links shared in chat: 

Read the blog post about a shorter program year 

01:01:29 – Summer Program 

Links shared in chat: 

Read the blog post about a pilot summer program

01:03:16 – Boston Angelic Troublemakers (BATs) Cohort 

Links shared in chat: 

Read the blog about the BAT Cohort

01:05:03 – Expanding Site Placement Options 

01:07:17 – Financial Shifts 

Links shared in chat:

Read the blog about financial shifts

01:09:42 – QVS Returning to the Twin Cities 

Links shared in chat:

Read the blog about returning the the Twin Cities

01:12:17 – Timeline

01:14:28 – Part 3: Q & A

01:27:30 – Closing and Thank You for Supporting QVS!

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Epistle on Palestine

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Meet the Alumni Council!

Meet the Alumni Council!

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