This past weekend, Friends from around the Southeast gathered for Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association’s (SAYMA) annual sessions at Warren Wilson College outside Asheville, North Carolina. Atlanta Fellows and alum led programming with both the young friends and adults throughout the weekend.

Claire Hannapel, QVS’s Development Coordinator and Atlanta Program Alum, and Maisie Kise, a current Atlanta Fellow, led a workshop on “White Supremacy Culture, Quakerism and our Relationship with Money.” As co-facilitators, Claire and Maisie supported Friends in identifying how the power of white supremacy culture and exploitative capitalist principles show up in our daily lives as Quakers.

How is money and capital influencing my relationships and points of connection? 

How are my collective communities examining and engaging in resource and wealth redistribution?

Scroll through the photos here to see some of the collective wisdom and process from this workshop.

Together, the group mapped out how Quakerism both reinforces and has the potential to challenge these oppressive powers, and discussed how to start imagining a more transformative and just way of being. This workshop was in response to Claire and Maisie’s experience attending the White Privilege Conference in April and engaging in intentional community with QVS.

Linked below is a PDF version of one of the tools we used for the workshop, a list of Dominant White Cultural Values & Habits, and Transformational Values & Habits.

New Solutions Require Developing New Values and Habits

If you would like to follow up on these ideas, reach out to Claire Hannapel at [email protected].

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