Where in the country will QVS be? 2018 Recruitment Calendar

For more information about where QVS will be this spring, or for other recruitment questions, contact Zenaida Peterson at [email protected]

Hamilton College 2/1/2018
Hamilton, NY Hamilton College Feb 1st Kateri Boucher and Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Thurs Feb 1st, 11-1pm Outside of Mcewen Dining Hall. Info Session: Thurs Feb 1st, 4pm in the KJ Building room 104
Warren Wilson College 2/1/2018
Asheville, NC Warren Wilson College Feb 1st Claire Hannapel Career Fair: 11-2pm SUMMER JAM
Bates College 2/5-2/6/2018
Lewiston, ME Bates College Feb 5-6th Sophie Samdperil and Alicia Rabideau Info Session: Monday, February 5th, 12-1pm, 163 Wood Street Common room
Bowdoin College 2/5-2/6-2018
Brunswick, ME Bowdoin College Feb 5-6th Emily Weyrauch and Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Mon. Feb 5th, from 9am-5pm in Smith Union. Info session: Mon Feb. 5th from 7-8pm in Career Planning Center
Earlham College 2/7-2/8/2018
Earlham, IN Earlham College Feb 7-8th Amirah Fadlina, Oneido Luis and Rachel Logan-Wood Information Table: Wed. Feb 7th 11:30-1pm Runyan Center Info Session: Thurs. Feb 8th 4pm LBC214 Talking with Bonnor Fellows and Quaker Scholar groups on Wednesday 7th
UMass Boston 2/8/2018
Dorchester, MA UMass Boston Feb 8th Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Thurs. Feb 8th, 11-1pm Second Floor of the Campus Center by the Catwalk Entrance
Colorado College 2/12/2018
Colorado Springs, CO Colorado College Feb 12th Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Mon. Feb 12th, 11:30-1:30pm Worner Student Center. Info Session: Mon. Feb 12th, 6pm in the Chaplain’s Office; with dinner!
University of Colorado 2/13/2018
Denver, CO University of Colorado Feb 13th Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Tues. Feb. 13th, 10-2pm Tivoli, Baerresen Ballroom C
Guilford College 2/18-2/19/2018
Greensboro, NC Guilford College Feb 18-19 Veronica Zambrano Coffie, Olivia Chalkley and Walid Musarsa Sunday meet with QLSP students that evening and then meet with classes, and others on Monday.
Hampshire College 2/19/2018
Amherst, MA Hampshire College Feb 19th KellyAnn Cameron and Zenaida Peterson Tabling from 11-1pm
Mt. Holyoke College 2/20/2018
Hadley, MA Mt.Holyoke Feb 20th KellyAnn Cameron Information Table: 11am-2pm Blanchard Hall Main Foyer. Info Session. 4-5pm Blanchard Hall Room 213
Smith College 2/20/2018
Northampton, MA Smith College Feb 20th Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Tues. Feb 20th, 11:30 – 2:30pm Smith College Campus Center Lower Level. Info Session Tues. Feb 20th, 4:30 PM Smith College Campus Center 102
Georgia State University 2/20/2018
Atlanta, GA GSU Feb 20th Liz Nicholson Career Fair: 12-3pm Student Center
Amherst College 2/21/2018
Amherst, MA Amerherst College Feb 21st KellyAnn Cameron and Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Wed. Feb 21st, 11-3pm Amherst College Keefe Campus Center Atrium
UConn 2/21/2018
Storrs, CT UConn Feb 21st Elise Riley and Sara Dean Career Fair: Wed. Feb 21st, 11am-3pm Student Union
2110 Hillside Road
Storrs, Connecticut 06269
United States
Wesleyan 2/22/2018
Middletown, CT Wesleyan Feb 22nd Sara Dean and Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Thurs. Feb. 22nd, 11am-2pm Usdan, Table #4. Info Session: Thurs. Feb. 22nd, 6pm-7pm, Boger Hall, Rm. 112
University of Vermont 2/28-3/1/2018
Burlington, VT University of Vermont Feb 28th-Mar 1st Zenaida Peterson Information Table: Feb 28th 11-3pm Davis Center. Info Session: 6-7pm Davis Center
American University 3/4/2018


Washington, DC American University March 4, 2018 Ana Ebi Kay Spiritual Life Center, 8-9pm

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