This Saturday, January 14th, students from Ursinus College who are participants in the Bonner Leaders program will visit with QVS Fellow Krista Snyder, and staff members Oskar Castro and Ross Hennesy, to hear about the history of Quakers in Germantown in the anti-slavery movement, as well as Krista’s experience as a QVS Fellow in Philadelphia. Krista is an Ursinus College alumna, class of 2016.

The Bonner Program provides diverse low-income, under-represented, and first generation students with the opportunity to attend college, while engaging their talents and educations in building and supporting communities.

We have had a handful of Ursinus grads serve as QVS Fellows in past years including Anthony Alexander, 2013-14 Atlanta Fellow, Maire Moriarty, 2013-14 Phildelphia Fellow, Richie Shultz, 2015-2016 Philadelphia Fellow, Krista Snyder, 2016-2017 Philadelphia Fellow, and Sophia Rice, 2016-17 Portland Fellow.

Other Opportunities to catch QVS on Campus:

  • Wed. February 15th- Ursinus Career Fair- Oskar Castro will be tabling for QVS. Bomberger Hall, Room 110
  • Wed. February 22nd- Info Session with Ross Hennesy and Oskar Castro


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