We are honored and excited to welcome Caitlin Gaylord Churchill​ to QVS as our Portland Local Coordinator! She is excited to step into the work of supporting young adults in the work of community, spiritual exploration, and justice work through this role. We are so excited to welcome you to the team, and learn from the gifts you will bring to this growing community near and far.

Bio: Caitlin Gaylord Churchill graduated from Harvard University and spent time living and working at Findhorn, a spiritual community in Scotland. She is passionate about food as a way to build community and as a platform for social justice. Her first introduction to Quakerism was being a homesick child at Friends Camp, where she eventually returned years later as the cook. She feels compelled to feed Quakers of all ages and myriad dietary restrictions and she’s not sure why.

For more information about our Portland QVS program, or to contact Caitlin, visit the Portland City page here.

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