Consensus Decision Making in Eusocial Organisms
June 1, 2017
By Barbara Dale

“…Quakerism has been an important structure for me to learn in and from. I still live with housemates from QVS, and I feel clued into something larger than myself through my relationships with them. This household of former QVS participants still feels right to me in a way that the entirety of Quakerism and its social baggage does not yet. I have confidence that somehow the radical love and commitment to justice I find in my house is being translated and manifested into society through our individual efforts. I believe in the power and energy of an idea, like a waggle dance, to recruit. In my existential world of ants and bees, ideas don’t even necessarily live entirely in our brains or bodies but rather somewhere in the space between tandem running and Spirit. I have faith that, despite all odds, we will choose a more inclusive and just society than exists today.”

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Barbara Dale graduated from Earlham College in Indiana with a major in biology in 2015. She participated in Quaker Voluntary Service in Philadelphia, Pa., from 2015 to 2016, and currently works in development for a Quaker values-based affordable housing organization, Friends Rehabilitation Program. She lives cooperatively with seven humans in West Philadelphia.

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