Approved at October 2017 QVS Board Meeting-

At the heart of the QVS movement is the partnership between QVS and Quaker meetings and churches spread across the country and connecting across the branches of our faith community. We are so grateful for our current partners in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Portland, Boston and Minneapolis/St. Paul and for the interest and enthusiasm we have heard from other places. At this time, we are open to considering future locations but we will no longer be soliciting statement of interest proposals on a formal schedule. We invite any person or meeting/church that is interested in a conversation with QVS about possible expansion to your location to be in touch with Executive Director Christina Repoley ( We will maintain a list of interested parties and be in touch with you as we discern our capacity to expand and our priorities. In assessing possible future sites, QVS considers criteria such as ability of local Friends to support a QVS program spiritually and financially, possibilities for cross-branch partnerships, geographical location in relationship to our other sites, capacity of the nonprofit community to host 6-8 Fellows, draw of a given city to young adults, and access to public transportation and affordable housing.

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