QVS affirms the lives and experiences of trans folks.
The safety and security of our trans and non binary Fellows are of the utmost importance to us. Statements recently made by the current administration do not align with our values as Quakers. We will do everything in our power to ensure continued education in our community and to support our Fellows and staff who are trans and non binary. 
Please keep the trans community in mind during our upcoming election- educating yourself where candidates stand on trans issues, and if there are any ballot measures in your area.
We offer some resources below which we encourage you to utilize.
There is power in our collective humanity and while we know that even among our QVS community there are a variety of faiths and spiritual perspectives, we truly believe that lifting up the concerns of marginalized folks and advocating for their humanity is a spiritual act of justice.   

Resources/Next Steps:

– 2016 Zine by written and compiled by Trans Folks Quaker Perspectives on Trans Issues
– LGBTQ+ Definitions – TSER- Trans Student Educational Resources

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