God has not given us a spirit of fear,
but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
(2 Timothy 1-7)


What does it mean to live in a time and place when the spirit of violence, hatred, and fear cloud the better angels of the American soul? What would it mean, instead, to be led by the spirit of power, love and sound mind?

I recently received this email from one of our alumni:

“I still don’t think I’ve articulated to you how extremely grateful I am for the work you did following your leading and founding QVS. At a time of great unease about the state of our country, I have some comfort in knowing how many alum of QVS exist, with growing numbers. I am comforted knowing that this group has been trained and nurtured to work for social justice, and to balance that with spiritual grounding and self care in ways that we will not burn out. I am grateful that we had the opportunity to be part of a program that prepared us to be ready for the long haul ahead of us. I don’t have a plan, and I am in tears as I write this, but I do know there are folks ready to work on the great challenge ahead of us, who have been prepared in the best possible way I can imagine.”

When I search for that solid ground, that sense of the spirit that originally led me to begin this journey with Quaker Voluntary Service, I find it, like Carol Anne, in the community of Fellows, alumni, staff and supporters. It is the faithful community of Friends that centers and holds me.

And that community is growing.

In 2018, Quaker Voluntary Service is coming to the Midwest, expanding our outreach and impact. Minneapolis/St. Paul, in partnership with the three meetings there, will host our fifth QVS house of service.

To help make that expansion possible, while also continuing to provide robust support to our current programs, a generous donor has put forward a $20,000 matching gift challenge. Gifts from new and lapsed donors (those who did not give during our 2015-16 program year) will be matched dollar for dollar. Additionally, if you did give during that time frame, any increase in this year’s gift will be matched. We hope to raise as much of the match as we can between now and December 31.

Please help us prepare more young adults for the challenges ahead, and to continue the work of healing and justice that they do in our name across the country.

With Love,

Christina Repoley
Founding Executive Director

Double your impact through our matching gift by giving online

at www.quakervoluntaryservice.org/donate, or by mail:
Quaker Voluntary Service, PO Box 8240, Atlanta GA 31106.
Thank you! 

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