Want to do good and get some good stuff? 

Quaker Voluntary Service Portland is hosting a raffle fundraiser throughout the month of May and we’d love to have your support. Our generous and talented Portland Friends donated items to make gift baskets that include: knitted wears, homemade jams & preserved foods, handmade soap, art from local artists, books from local authors, and more! 

Each week in May, we will raffle off one of our four themed gift baskets. Each Monday, we will randomly select a winner from that week’s raffle entries to be awarded a gift basket. At the end of the month, all entries, no matter the week or method of entry, will also be entered to win a QVS quilt, lovingly made by a Portland Friend.

Each Monday of May we will post a photo on our social media of that week’s gift basket and announce the winner of the previous week’s gift basket. On May 31st we will announce the winner of the final gift basket and of the quilt.

The Significance of a Portland QVS Quilt

Since the first QVS Fellows came to Portland for the 2013-2014 program year, various Portland area friends have made a quilt for each Fellows. This program is inspired by the quilting ministries of North Seattle Friends Church. Portland area Friends from Multnomah and Bridge City Meetings, Reedwood Friends Church, West Hills Friends Church and Camas Friends Church donate fabrics and sew the quilts together. Each quilt has appliqués: QVS logo, hands to symbolize service, the Shaker design “hands at work, hearts to God,” a peace dove, and Mount Hood.

To learn more about this tradition, check out this article, Quilting as Ministry written by Kayla, a QVS Alum. 

How to Enter the Raffle

Donate any amount to QVS and you will be entered into our raffle!

One donation = one entry in that week’s drawing, AND one entry in the drawing for the quilt. 

Follow QVS on Instagram, like our PDX fundraiser posts, and tag two friends.

Your name will be entered 2x for the week of the post AND 2x at the end of the month.

Start a new monthly donation during the month of May.

Your name will be entered 4x for the week in which you donated, AND 4x at the end of the month.

Donate more than once throughout the month!

Each donation counts as one entry in that week’s drawing.

Note: Because this is a time sensitive fundraiser, we will only be accepting online donations. When you donate, make sure to write “PDX raffle” in the comment section. Any questions? Email [email protected]

What Does a QVS Quilt Symbolize to QVS Alumni? 

One of my favorite memories from QVS was a big February snowstorm. Since we had a snow day from work, we wandered around our wintry neighborhood and played in the snow. That evening we celebrated our housemate’s half birthday with pastries from a nearby market and stayed cozy in the house together. I loved being wrapped up in our community that day — in our neighborhood, in our home of five, and in our warm QVS quilts.
Willa Keegan-Rodewald

2013-2014 Portland Fellow

Quaker Voluntary Service helped me to launch my career, find community, and deepen my spiritual practice and relationship with God and the inner Christ. After an exceptionally challenging year of COVID-19 impacting Fellows and the communities they serve, there has never been a more important time to invest in the financial wellbeing of Quaker Voluntary Service so that it can continue to provide a space in Portland for seekers of spiritual growth and career building have a place to land, be together, and explore themselves in this marvelous Rose City.
Damon Motz-Storey

2016-2017 Portland Fellow

I remember coming home from work one day during my QVS year, and being asked by my housemate “Have you had any mystical or spiritual moments this week?” (or something along those lines) in a completely casual, ‘welcome home’, ‘how was your day’ manner. The question has stuck in my mind more than my response. QVS was a rare convergence in my life of young adults who were open and interested in discussing mysticism, in a context of social justice and growth of community. Discussion of spirituality was lacking in my schools, sports, and social circles growing up. I received this part of my QVS year, and this question from my housemate, with gratitude and love. For those who seek it, QVS provides an uncommon space for young people seeking spiritual exploration grounded in social justice and community.
Adriana Cvitkovic

2016-2017 Portland Fellow

I am forever grateful for my time in QVS. In this year of transformation and growth, I felt supported and held by the Quaker community at a time when I would have been lost without it. I feel lucky to have shared a home with intelligent, wonderful humans and worked with Portland’s youth. My quilt is a reminder of the love I carry with me from that year; from Portland, Oregon, to Buena Vista, Colorado.
Glynnis Pierce

2017-2018 Portland Fellow

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