Dear Friends,

As many of you know, our founder and first Executive Director, Christina Repoley, announced last spring her intention to transition out of the Executive Director role at the end of this year. After an extensive search process, we are excited to announce the appointment of Hilary Burgin to this position.

Hilary has been integral to Quaker Voluntary Service, ably serving as our Boston Coordinator for nearly four years. A lifelong Friend from New England Yearly Meeting, she is a skilled leader who knows the heart and soul of QVS. We were particularly impressed with her gifts in listening, relationship-building, and facilitation. As Executive Director, Hilary will articulate the promise and potential of QVS with authenticity and enthusiasm, and has the skills and energy to lead us into our second decade and beyond.  Hilary shares, “I see first-hand the incredible gift that Quaker Voluntary Service is for the communities and cities we operate in, for the Quaker movement as a whole, and, especially, for the Fellows. Fellows discover options for living a more faithful and integrated life, and are shown a path forward for Spirit-led social justice work.”

Christina has spent ten years stewarding QVS from the seeds of a leading to a successful and grounded organization serving Fellows, local Quaker communities, and dozens of social justice organizations in five cities. Her vision, dedication, and hard work has skillfully facilitated the establishment and growth of QVS into a successful pillar of Quaker service. We are grateful for her work and release her into the next phase of her ministry with appreciation and celebration.

Hilary will become full time Executive Director December 1st, with support from Christina over the next several months. Please join me in welcoming Hilary to her new role!

Betsy Cotton, on behalf of the QVS board


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