Denormalizing Whiteness for Racial Justice- click here for PDF

Created by Genevieve Beck-Roe, AFSC Friends Relations Fellow, serving as a Quaker Voluntary Service Alumni Fellow, for use among Friends


Demographically, Quakerism within the United States is majority-white, with outliers by region and nuances by meeting. As white Friends do the challenging work of deconstructing racism and white supremacy, there can be a tendency to understand Friends of Color as having a race (and therefore a racialized experience of the world) while white Friends are without a race (and experience the world “normally” or “neutrally”). Instead, this resource guide works to recognize that all experience is racialized, and that there is significant difference between white people’s experiences and the experiences of people of color based on history, power, and privilege. The following resources are grounded in the understanding that whiteness, as well as race in general, is a social construct. Friends Relations hope the following resources, materials, and suggestions will support individuals and meetings interested in incorporating an understanding of whiteness into their racial justice work both inside and outside of Quaker meetings.

This document contains resources for use in categories including:

  • 4 Posts about Whiteness and Racial Justice from Acting in Faith
  • 10 More Things to Watch/Read/Listen to About Whiteness
  • Workshops and Activities about Whiteness
  • Queries for Worship Sharing On Whiteness and Racial Justice
  • 6 Suggestions of Where to Go From Here

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