Over the last four years, in order to bolster QVS’s foundation and keep our financials aligned with our program’s growth, we embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise over $2.2M. Your investment in this campaign helped to expand our outreach and recruitment efforts, grow visibility and national programming cohesion, and deepen equity and local program offerings.

Thanks to so many of you, we have already raised $2,141,000 and are just $59,000 short of our campaign goal. Our fiscal year closes July 31. With just 22 days left to go, we’ve reached a crunch time.

We are over 97% of the way to our $2.2M goal, thanks to you.

If you have not been able to send in your annual gift just yet, now is a perfect time! And, if you’re able to make an additional annual contribution, that would be incredibly helpful in getting us over the finish line.

Friend, will you help us close the gap with a stretch gift today?

Have you already given this year to help us cross the finish line? Can you share this exciting news with at least three new Friends?

In each of the five program cities, Fellows are wrapping up work at their site placements and preparing to transition into their next stage. Young adults are said to be some of the most impacted in the longterm by the current economic crisis, which is why QVS staff are making extra efforts to help Fellows find housing and job opportunities, and otherwise feel equipped with tools and connections. In August, this cohort of Fellows will join a QVS Alumni community of over 200 young adults. Our growth and strength is all because of individuals like you who believe in the vision of QVS.

Please consider making a special gift today of $50, $80, $150, or whatever you can to ensure we can provide young adults the support they need in the weeks and months ahead.

Claire Hannapel

Claire Hannapel

Contact Claire, our Development Coordinator, with any questions about making a gift today404-600-1128 or [email protected].

“The best and most rewarding growths for me came out of the hardest and most challenging situations. I also learned that it’s not wise to think of it as a transaction: it’s not about enduring the bad times so that good times come about as a result of your struggle. It’s about embracing the whole spectrum of the human experience …That way, you’ve got a better chance of sitting with your whole heart and the whole world and not just the parts you’re comfortable with.”

Damon Motz-Storey

2016-17 Portland Fellow

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