Sarah Levy & Zenaida Peterson, QVS Boston 2016-17
Read the quotes below or watch their “Day in the Life” video by clicking the link above.


“I really truly believe in trusting people to be experts of their own experiences and therefore able to make decisions about their own lives, instead of other people making decisions for them.”

“From day one I started [organizing] door to door with my boss… It was really hands on from the start. She served as a one-on-one mentor for me, and slowly started to give me more of my own projects.”

“I really wanted to make sure I was grounding my justice work in my faith. I really felt like that wasn’t something that I had space to do in college. I went to a small liberal arts college [where] people were uncomfortable talking about religion. And so, I was really looking to integrate these pieces of my life [during QVS].”

— Sarah Levy, 2016-17 Boston Alum


“This year I started organizing a poetry tournament called FEMS (Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam). I want to create spaces where the marginalized have stages, for themselves, and are celebrated in those spaces. And it’s 100% organizing work.”


“I am most excited about the organizing tools that I’ve gained [with CAAS]. I’ve done a lot of organizing work, but not in any sort of official capacity. Being here has put a lot of language to the work I’ve done before, and given me the tools to think about how I can do my organizing work better in the future.”

— Zenaida Peterson, 2016-17 Boston Alum, QVS Recruitment Coordinator


For more about the work of Community Action Agency of Somerville, visit their website here:


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