Dear Friend,

Here in Atlanta we are enjoying a burst of new life and light as springtime renewal is all around us. It often feels that hopefulness in the face of so much hatred and violence in the world is futile or naive. Yet, especially in this Easter season, I remember that hope is a radical and extravagant act, and that the forces of death do not, ultimately, have the last word.

Portland Fellows share a meal with two local Quakers who are part of the Local Support Committee.

I’m feeling hopeful right now about many things. For one, we received more applications for the 2016-17 QVS year, representing our most diverse pool, than ever before! We are really excited to begin the interview process and anticipate placing another amazing group of young adults in our four city network in August. To all of you who helped with our recruitment efforts, thank you. The hope that this brings me is the knowledge that so many people care deeply about bringing justice and peace to a hurting world, and that we will have the privilege of supporting and accompanying some of them on this journey through Spirit-led witness.


QVS Atlanta staff and Fellows met with Representative John Lewis at the FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend in March. 

I am also feeling hopeful about the interest in QVS that we have seen from all over the world. Seeds we have been planting for the past few years really seem to be bearing fruit now as we again look towards expansion. We hope to add a new city in the summer of 2017, and we invite you and your meeting to consider hosting a QVS house. We are requesting statement of interest forms from interested communities by June 1 so that our board can consider these at our late June board meeting. All of the information you need can be found HERE

QVS Philadelphia Fellows and Alumni listen to Pat Hunt share about her lifetime experience of Quaker service and witness at Kendal Retirement Home in February.

Finally, I’m feeling hopeful because I just brought another new life, a healthy baby girl, into the world! Please hold us in the Light!

Thank you for your continued support of Quaker Voluntary Service, and for all the ways you each witness to a hoped for but not yet realized world.

In Faith and Service,

Christina Repoley

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