cropped-QVS_crop_b_w.jpgWe are so excited to welcome our incoming Fellows for the 2016-17 service year! We will be beginning the year with National Orientation at Pendle Hill Retreat and Conference Center outside of Philadelphia on August 27th. We will be welcoming 29 first year QVS Fellows to serve in one of our four cities: Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Portland, OR. These Fellows will be engaging in various social justice and community organizing work at organizations throughout their service cities. We are looking forward to and so grateful for the unique gifts, ideas, energy, and creativity that each Fellow will bring and offer to the communities they serve, as well as the Quaker communities they will be a part of this year.

Welcome 2016-2017 Fellows!

Learn more about our incoming 2016-17 class of QVS & Alumni Fellows!

We are also very excited to introduce the seven QVS Alum who will be continuing their journey with QVS serving as Alumni Fellows in the coming year! These individuals have served for a year with QVS in various cities, and will be working for Quaker organizations in Philadelphia and Portland, OR in the coming year.

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