QVS recently visited Crosslands in Kennett Square, PA. The following report was shared by Crosslands Worship Group.

On Saturday February 9, we learned about the exciting present and continuing growth of the Quaker Voluntary Service program.Philadelphia volunteers Trevor Johnson and Malcolm Culleton discussed their backgrounds and what brought them to the program. Trevor shared his excitement of teaching music in a primary school composed almost entirely of African American students. Malcolm discussed the rather unique contributionĀ that the grant-making fund with which he works supports organizations working for social justice in the city. Both noted the advantages of the eight volunteers sharing life together, living simply and being strongly connected to Friends.

Ross Hennessy, Assistant Director, posed the question: “How does a spiritually-grounded community change the world?” He discussed the responsibility that the Q.V.S. program has in re-articulating our faith with the goal of fostering the next generation of Quaker leaders.

Bruce Birchard, one of the founding board members of QVS, shared his vision for the expansion of the program beyond its current three locations. Each center must have the strong connection with a local Friends Meeting to support the spiritual growth of the volunteers as well as to support their service to the community.

We came away from the experience feeling that we want to continue learning about the progress of the QVS program here in Philadelphia and in the country. We can see its potential not only for the experience it provides the volunteers and staff, but also for its potential in stimulating the life and growth of our faith.

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