Community. Service. Transformation.

Quaker Voluntary Service is an experiment at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism, a Fellowship program for young adults.

Working with the Best Team of People: Karla Goss’ Testimonal

Photo: The QVS East Coast Fellows 2023-2024 Shay, Karla, Emma, Kat Naren at a retreat on Cape Cod.  I first heard of Quaker Voluntary Service when I was a Senior in college. I was a part of the Quaker Leadership Scholarship Program at Guilford College in North...

From Learning about Quakerism to Living Quakerism – Naren’s Testimonial

Photo caption: Naren with Young Adult Friends from Friends Meeting at CambridgeBoston Fellow Naren Roy shares with us about his experience with Quakerism and Service this past year.Like many young adults of faith, college was a transformative time in several aspects...

Actively Contributing to my Community – Imani’s Testimonial

Portland Fellow Imani Patterson shares with us about their experience over the past year.This year of service with QVS has been a journey, from QVS days to house meetings to learning about spirituality. The biggest part of my QVS year, though, has been understanding...

Building a Liberated Future: Samantha Paladini Testimonial

Photo: The QVS Portland house 2023-2024 Tas, Samantha, Salem and Imani being silly at national orientation last fall.  Samantha Paladini, in her second year as a QVS Fellow, reflects on her experience.Life as a Quaker Voluntary Service fellow created the...

Building Community with Likeminded Age-Mates: Emma Fee Testimonial

Photo: The QVS Philadelphia house 2023-2024 Emma, Shay, Racheal (coordinator) and Kat at national orientation at Pendle Hill.   2023-2024 QVS Fellow Emma Fee shares a testimonial about her experience.With two months of my QVS year to go, I hesitate to name one...

“I feel really thankful to be in this community that is supporting my social justice work and spiritual growth.”

Zenaida Peterson

QVS Alum, 2016-2017

“The young people I work with are valued treasures. They inspire me to stay idealistic in my endeavors toward social justice and they embolden my commitment to Quaker values.”

Oskar Pierre Castro

Former Philadelphia Coordinator

“I am also glad, very glad to see such deeper reaching and very promising renewal projects such as… Quaker Voluntary Service, which is attracting and cultivating a new generation of Quaker leaders.”

Parker J. Palmer

Plenary at FGC Gathering 2015

“QVS provided an experience where my [Quaker] faith and spirituality became intertwined with my home life and work life, namely in my relationships and practices.”

Giovanna Selvaggio

QVS Alum, 2013-2014


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