Are you looking for a new way to live into your commitment to social witness?

Connect your life and commitment to Quakerism and social witness with the life of a QVS Fellow, directly engaged in service and social justice work.

It costs QVS approximately $30,000 per Fellow per yearYou can sponsor a QVS fellowship in any of our five cities — Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Portland, OR — and deepen your connection to the experience of one of our QVS communities for the duration of the program year!

By pledging to Sponsor a Fellowship, you enable QVS to provide a holistic fellowship experience by funding the cost of:

  • Housing, transportation, and food
  • Support for health and wellness (including mental healthcare)
  • Local staff in each city who support the well-being of each Fellow and the intentional community as a whole
  • Programming and retreats to deepen Fellows understanding of Quaker faith and practice and the intersections of social change and spirituality
  • Partnerships with local Friends who provide practical service and spiritual nurturing during the program year
  • Opportunities to further spirit-grounded leadership development and vocational discernment

Sponsorships may be made as an outright gift, or with planned giving options.

Claire Hannapel

Claire Hannapel

Contact Claire, our Development Director, to discuss the best way to structure your sponsorship404-600-1128 or [email protected].

“The best and most rewarding growths for me came out of the hardest and most challenging situations. I also learned that it’s not wise to think of it as a transaction: it’s not about enduring the bad times so that good times come about as a result of your struggle. It’s about embracing the whole spectrum of the human experience …That way, you’ve got a better chance of sitting with your whole heart and the whole world and not just the parts you’re comfortable with.”

Damon Motz-Storey

2016-17 Portland Fellow

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