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Atlanta is our founding QVS City and where we welcomed our first cohort of QVS Fellows in 2012!

Sponsoring Quaker Meetings/Churches:

The Atlanta QVS house is under the spiritual care of the Atlanta Friends Meeting and deeply supported by local Quakers.

Want to get involved with the Atlanta QVS program? Reach out to Rachael, our Atlanta Coordinator.

Rachael Carter (they/them)

Rachael Carter (they/them)

Atlanta Coordinator

2021-2022 Atlanta Site Placements

Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

The Furniture Bank's mission is to create stability for families and individuals in need by distributing donated furniture to turn their houses into homes.

The Furniture Bank was founded in 1988 in response to the lack of furniture resources for families moving out of homelessness. In 2010 the Furniture Bank purchased a warehouse in the West End of Atlanta. After necessary renovations the Furniture Bank moved to this warehouse in 2012. Since its start in 1988 the Furniture Bank has grown to partner with over 200 other nonprofit agencies in the Atlanta area and help over 5,000 people each year. In 2014 the Furniture Bank began its Veteran Employment Program to help homeless Veterans obtain full time employment in the warehouse and truck driving industries.

The Furniture Bank serves individuals and families moving out of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, living with HIV/AIDS, and living below the poverty level and experiencing a crisis that has left them without furniture (such as fire, flooding, bed bugs, etc.). Furniture Bank clients are in housing without any basic furniture necessities. Some have never had proper furniture. Most are sleeping and eating on the floor.

The Furniture Bank helps clients become self-sufficient by improving financial, physical and emotional health. In a follow-up survey ninety days after receiving furniture, 96% of Furniture Bank clients report that they have maintained safe and stable housing. The Furniture Bank has 12 full time staff persons and 1 location. In 2019 the Furniture Bank provided furniture to 5,613 people, an 11% increase from 2018.

The QVS Fellow will further the Furniture Bank’s mission in a variety of ways. Some are listed below:

Program Associate:

Client Services:
• Help clients select furniture during private shopping appointments
• Answering phone calls from clients and answering questions about the referral process

Volunteer Coordination:
• Help lead volunteer groups from churches and companies

• Help with Furniture Bank fundraisers as needed
• Help with client testimonials for marketing purposes

Veteran Employment Program:
• Help veterans with resumes and job applications

Typically people who do best at the Furniture Bank are comfortable taking initiative, flexible and have a sense of humor. The Fellow will be given supervision and direction but will be expected to work independently.

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence's mission is: Collaborate. Advocate. Educate. Empower. GCADV envisions a Georgia free of domestic violence. GCADV's guiding principles and core values include: Empowerment and Self-Determination; Safety; Diversity and Equality; Survivor-centered Response; Social Change and Collaboration; Systems Accountability; Commitment to Nonviolence; Confidentiality; Integrity; Safe Space; Responsibility to Mission and Team; Remembering and honoring the “Herstory” of the Movements; Celebrate. Our goals are to empower survivors and the programs that serve them, educate the public, and advocate for responsive public policy. Our strength is in numbers, as we collaborate throughout Georgia to stop domestic violence. We support our mission by fostering quality services for victims by increasing the capacity of members and service providers, mobilizing a statewide voice to increase public policy development that helps victims and prevents DV, and educating the public to take action and prevent domestic violence. Overall, GCADV values, Equity, Wholeness, and Freedom.

Originally formed as a grassroots volunteer agency in 1980 as the Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence, the organization grew out of the overwhelming need for domestic violence agencies to form a statewide network of programs to coordinate and expand the services available to victims of domestic violence in Georgia, increase public awareness, and achieve crucial legislation to protect domestic violence victims, including state-funding for domestic violence programs. GCADV has a staff of 14 and is located in Decatur, GA. Projects include: Training & TA, Child & Youth, Community Engagement, Disabilities, Deaf Advocacy, Housing, Public Policy, Justice for Incarcerated Survivors. GCADV serves the State of Georgia.

Position Description:Justice for Incarcerated Survivors Project Coordinator
This position will coordinate the Justice for Incarcerated Survivors Project (JFIS), oversee project evaluation and outcome measurement for GCADV programs, oversee the Homicide Database, and conduct policy research as needed. This is a dynamic and exciting position that will be a cornerstone in the development of GCADV’s efforts to address domestic violence (DV) from a myriad of frameworks.

As the coordinator of the JFIS this person will work with the Dept. of Corrections, Board of Pardons and Paroles, and volunteer advocates and attorneys to assist women in Georgia’s prison who are victims of DV to assist those whose victimization played a significant impact on their imprisonment.
This position would also support GCADV’s evaluation activities and is responsible for assisting GCADV staff with project evaluation and monitoring, designing evaluation and data collection tools, collecting and analyzing data, and incorporating data and evaluation findings into project reports and other key GCADV communications. In addition this position would oversee the data collection for the domestic violence homicide database and conduct policy research to help guide GCADV’s public policy agenda.

It would be ideal for the person filling this position to have experience in project oversight, design, and management, the ability to work with populations in and from a wide range of systems and backgrounds, experience in project evaluation and design, and an abundant interest in social justice work.

Global Growers

Global Growers grew out of the tremendous demand among international farmers, many of whom came to Atlanta as refugees of war. These farmers sought to reconnect to their agricultural heritage in their new home. Recognizing this exceptional talent, Global Growers connects local families to land, education, and markets in order to build healthier communities and to strengthen our local economy. Global Growers is committed to cultivating growing spaces and other resources for farmers who are traditionally underserved by mainstream agricultural service providers and community food organizations.

Global Growers started in 2009 as a project of the local nonprofit Refugee Family Services and as of 2013 is an independent 501(c)(3) organization based in Atlanta, GA. Co-founders Susan Pavlin and Robin Chanin broke ground on our first farm site, Umurima - The Burundi Women’s Farm, in 2010 in the city of Decatur, GA. This was accomplished in partnership with a Burundian former agricultural extension agent and a Burundian preacher. Umurima is a women-managed community farm that produces food for the farm families families as well as for local market sales. That same year (2010), strong and deep relationships were built with community leaders in the Clarkston area who were already engaged or interested in pursuing opportunities in food systems in order to develop a network of projects and leaders to provide mutual support.

In 2012, Global Growers added three additional sites to bring nearly 20 acres of land under our management. Altogether, Global Growers manages four farm and garden sites, and supports a network of independently managed community, apartment, and home garden sites in DeKalb County. Since our first season of growing, Global Growers has developed expertise in cooperative marketing systems to increase market access for partner farmers, as well as expertise in agricultural education and technical assistance for farmers from diverse lingual, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Global Growers has trained more than 200 unique food producers and sold nearly half a million dollars worth of produce on behalf of our partner farmers from 2010-2016.

The QVS Fellow will serve as a Farm and Produce Assistant (FPA), and will be supervised by and working closely with the Farm and Produce Manager (FPM) in a variety of ways across Global Growers’ Farm programs. The FPA will bear primary responsibility for preparing produce for delivery to Global Growers’ various market outlets. The FPA will also provide support across farm operations including agriculture, systems management, infrastructure development and site maintenance. The FPA will provide administrative and record-keeping support throughout farm and produce systems.The ideal candidate for this position has formative experience in sustainable agriculture, produce management, and administration. In particular, the candidate has a passion for providing farm and market support for Global Growers’ international partner farmers, an eagerness to work outside during the summer, openness to learning, and strong attention to detail.

Partnership for Southern Equity

Partnership for Southern Equity  (PSE) advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

(PSE), has been advancing the cause of equity through a ecosystem-based model for multi-demographic engagement in the City of Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan region – a bustling area emblematic of many Southern communities riven by racial, economic and class disparities.

Using its strength in its ability to connect, educate, and empower diverse individuals and organizations to encourage just, sustainable practices for shared prosperity, PSE has stood at the forefront of promoting balanced growth and shared prosperity throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

Focusing on three key areas: energy, growth and opportunity, PSE has developed strong partnerships, which have resulted in a series of successful policy initiatives that helped elevate and enable the communities we serve.

Just Growth Fellow:
The Just Growth Fellow will provide support to the Just Growth team in our efforts to democratize development and build community leadership capacity to influence and realize benefits of development in their communities. Prior QVS Fellows have developed new initiatives to deploy regrant funds to grassroots partners working on community development and anti-displacement efforts; conducted research for a local government equity planning project; coordinated activities of PSE's Just Growth Circle community of practice/coalition; and led community engagement efforts for the creation of a new regional racial equity atlas tool. Logistics and communications support are anticipated ongoing duties, while fellows have opportunities to substantially contribute to the design and execution of new programming, as a valuable part of a dynamic, passionate team.

Purpose Built Schools

Purpose Built Schools mission is to turn around failing schools and put all children on a trajectory for success through college and in their careers. In the process, we will help revitalize the neighborhood they serve.

Our vision of success is to see every child living in our neighborhoods on a trajectory for success through college and in their careers.

Purpose Built Schools has a proven record of helping turn around schools in historically low-income neighborhoods. Not far away in Atlanta’s East Lake neighborhood, we helped open Drew Charter School in 2000, providing the cradle-to-college education pipeline for the holistic community revitalization of the East Lake community in southeast Atlanta. We manage four schools (two elementary, one middle and one high school) in the south Atlanta neighborhoods. Purpose Built Schools is solely responsible for recruiting, hiring, supervising and evaluating all ~350 of our school personnel. Every adult at our schools is a Purpose Built Schools employee.

The schools in our neighborhoods serve some of the most under-served families living in poverty in the state. Carver STEAM Academy has the most students living in poverty of any high school in Georgia. Price Middle School and Thomasville Heights Elementary School have the second most students living in poverty for any middle and elementary schools in Georgia. Slater Elementary School has the 37th highest number of students living in poverty for an elementary school in Georgia.

Classroom Assistant, Small group literacy/math instructor, College and Career persistence counselor-
a. Planning, implementing, and monitoring instruction and interventions as necessary
b. Leveraging robust research-based curricula, resources, and strategies to enhance instruction
c. Using a variety of data collection measures to drive instruction and intervention.
d. Fostering classroom culture that facilitates intrinsic drive for learning and personal growth among students.
a. Participating in joint planning during teacher planning time.
b. Reflecting on teaching practices and seeking appropriate help and support from the leadership team.
c. Collaborating through learning communities on topics of mutual interest, such as vertical alignment of the curriculum, literacy strategies, etc.
a. Leading joint planning or collaborative learning communities, when appropriate to the candidate's interests and strengths.
a. Proactively communicate with family and/or guardians.
b. Involve community stakeholders in learning experiences for students, when appropriate.
c. Other duties as assigned.

Southern Education Foundation

The Southern Education Foundation's mission is to advance creative solutions to ensure equity and excellence in education for students of color and low-income students in the South.

For more than 150 years, the Southern Education Foundation (SEF) has been a leader in advancing creative solutions to ensure equity and excellence in education for students of color and low-income students in the South. Our work is achieved through analyzing and amplifying promising ideas through research, government affairs, and developing and growing the capacity of leaders and influencers in the field of education.

We envision a world where every student, regardless of background, enjoys an education that propels them toward the opportunity-rich life they deserve. In our effort to resolve the educational inequity that exists in this nation, we leverage research to identify and highlight issues that impact student learning outcomes occurring along racial and socioeconomic lines. Designed to educate the public to act, our evidence travels two important routes at the same time by providing capacity building support to school system leaders and advocates. School system leaders utilize research to inform their approach to reconciling the most pressing equity challenges and barriers to learning their students face. In turn, they gauge what’s working in practice given the realities that exist in classrooms across the South. Advocates take the evidence and use it in ground softening efforts with families, community members, and policy influencers to promote solutions that work for all students. Our government affairs efforts concentrate on relaying lessons learned from both the classroom and advocacy sphere, offering information to policymakers they can relate to their specific southern state context in order to advance an accountability structure rooted in equity. The outcome is the cultivation of a pipeline of leaders and an exchange of ideas across sectors and systems that advance our collective vision for educational equity.

Our team of twelve consists of directors, analysts, associates, administrative staff and consultants. Our office is in the heart of downtown Atlanta--just steps away from Georgia State University and Centennial Olympic Park and a quick drive to the Georgia State Capitol.

QVS Fellow
The QVS Fellow will work across the organization supporting the work of the Government Affairs and Advocacy, Leadership Development, Research and Policy, and Communications strategy areas. That work will include: supporting research efforts; assisting with collecting information on public policy and legislation that affects SEF's target population; supporting outreach to policymakers; assisting with efforts to engage SEF's Southern Education Leadership Initiative and Racial Equity Leadership Network fellows, alumni, and prospective fellows; supporting the research work of the Lynn Walker Huntley Social Justice Fellow; and drafting communications materials about the work of the strategy areas. This fellowship will offer the opportunity to gain insight into all aspects of SEF's work and to gain an understanding of how a major organization coordinates efforts across strategy areas.

Atlanta Fellows

George Edison

George Edison (he/him) was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and recently graduated from Vassar College, where he majored in Environmental Studies. His academic work on the relationships between people and places were influenced by his job as a grounds gardener at Vassar as well as summer jobs and internships working outdoors and promoting environmental justice. While lacking a background in organized spirituality, he looks forward to further developing his sense of place and community with QVS. Outside of school and work, George loves playing saxophone, taking long walks, and reading. He is excited to intern with the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta.

Selena Faith

Selena Faith (she/her) recently graduated from Earlham College, in Richmond, IN, where she double majored in Sociology-Anthropology and Studio Art with a focus in Photography. Even though she spent the last four years in the midwest, she still calls North Carolina home, which is where she was first introduced to Quakerism as a lifer at Carolina Friends School and a camper at Camp Celo. She has a passion for learning about individuals and systems, and has taken many opportunities at Earlham to further these interests; she conducted health psychology research in Sweden, managed a student-run health club called Sexual Health Peer Educators, studied abroad in Greece with a focus in art, and branched out into her school’s community by working on food access at her local Farmers Market. She is excited to bring her passion into the QVS community and her work at the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Rebecca Rubenstein

Rebecca Rubenstein (they/them) is originally from New York City, but has lived in several states and three countries. They are passionate about community organizing, abolition, and developing a feminist, non-carceral negotiation of difference. They are excited to work and grow with Global Growers in Atlanta, GA.

Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson (he/him) grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and attended school at Indiana University Bloomington, where he majored in International Studies with minors in Religious Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures. He studied Chinese for three years, including one semester abroad his junior year in Nanjing, China. He also had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan twice as part of the Taiwan America Student Conference (TASC). Sam’s experience learning about Taiwan and working with students from across both countries in this student-led, multidisciplinary conference proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. He also participated in a variety of student activities throughout his college career, including orchestra, Taekwondo club, and Oxfam Club, and was able to explore a wide range of classes as well, including art classes such as photography. After graduating, he tried various opportunities, including staying at an organic farm in Florida, before eventually moving to Thailand to teach English, where he lived for over a year and a half. He enjoyed the opportunity to see a new part of the world and learn from new experiences. Other interests and hobbies of his include spending time in nature, sustainability, biking, meditating, drawing, photography, learning foreign languages, and talking with friends. Sam grew up attending a Quaker church and going to Quaker summer camps, but only in the past few years or so did he become more interested in Quakerism. He is looking forward to more deeply exploring Quakerism and spirituality during his year at QVS. Additionally, he hopes that QVS will help him develop a more in depth understanding of important modern-day issues, such as inequality, and how we can address them. Sam is excited to begin work as a QVS Fellow at Southern Education Foundation in Atlanta!

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